History of AIST

History of TEAM AIST - LacrosseThe continued growth of American International Sports Teams (AIST) is due to the attention to detail we give to our teams and our international reputation. We take great pride in the quality of teams that we put together year in and year out. Our teams are made up of some of the most talented and well respected universities and colleges in the USA. At AIST, we continue to exceed expectations with the class and athleticism of our athletes as we compete across the globe as TEAM AIST.

History of TEAM AIST - SoftballAt AIST we have been taking top level athletes to compete in international tournaments in more than 22 different countries around the world since 2002. Over the years, we have established relationships with well respected international organizations. This allows us to bring TEAM AIST to many of the most sought after tournaments in the world and at the same time bring home championships with many individual titles.

Not only does AIST have the reputation for having some of the best travel teams in the world but AIST also creates a memorable experience for all its athletes. These experiences include learning new cultures, sightseeing, personal growth and most everything else that comes with exploring the world.

History of TEAM AIST - BaseballAIST travels yearly with their teams which include athletes from high school, college and adult sports. These sports include everything from lacrosse to baseball and softball. AIST also can offer their team travel services to universities or college teams who are looking to compete in top level international competition. These teams will not only get the opportunity to compete in top level competition but they will experience a lower cost because of AIST’s close relationships with tour companies around the world.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to travel with TEAM AIST!


  1. My daughter received an email from a Jane Korzen who claims to be associated with your organization. I can’t find her name on your staff list and want to know if it is spam or not.

    Best Regards,
    Jeanne Rowan-Hickey

  2. Yes, Coach Korzen will be traveling with two of our steams this summer. She’s is a coach hired by AIST for specific teams. She is not an employee of AIST. If you have questions about your invitation please contact us!

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