AIST Terms and Conditions – Updated From Feb 24, 2015

Updated February 24, 2015

Terms and Conditions

American International Sports Teams acts only in the capacity as agent for the owners and contractors providing transportation, hotel, or other services.  All tour services, tickets, and vouchers are subject to any and all terms and conditions provided by issuer.  The acceptance of any service provided as part of the American International Sports Teams  (AIST) program or of any ticket or voucher, shall be deemed to be acceptance of and consent by the program member to these conditions.  All services are subject to the law of the country in which the services are provided.  AIST reserves the right to dismiss members of the group at the expense of the member for misconduct and inappropriate behavior.


Changes in Itinerary:

At times there may be circumstances beyond the control of American International Sports Teams and our suppliers that necessitate revisions of the itinerary.  These revisions include tour dates, scheduled games and tours, and any other activity on the itinerary.  In the event of changes, we will make every effort to maintain the intent of the original itinerary.  Regardless of the cause, American International Sports Teams shall not be or become liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for loss, injury, death or damage due to sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, acts of terrorism and injury during the program events.   American International Sports Teams reserves the right to alter any part of the tour it deems necessary or advisable.  The additional cost resulting from such change shall be paid by the program participant.  Items listed as optional are not included in cost of trip.


Television, Photography, Media and Video Rights:

American International Sports Teams has full Television, Photography, Media and Video rights in and to any and all of the programs or events affiliated with the program. 


Member’s Acceptance: 

American International Sports Teams reserves the right, in its own discretion to decline or accept approval of any individual as a member of American International Sports Teams.



American International Sports Teams will not be liable for misconduct or inappropriate behavior on any tour that results in penalties or fines in other countries.  Any penalties or fines that may be implemented will be paid by the member who was charged.  Participants will be bound to the laws of the country of which they are traveling.  AIST will not be held responsible for activities engaged by participants. 


What is not included in the American International Sports Teams programs:

  • Connecting Airline Ticket to Gateway City
  • Passport Fee’s and Visa Fee’s (if needed)
  • Personal Items (Gifts, Souvenir’s, Telephone Calls)
  • Some Meals
  • Airline Fuel Surcharges – This charge could be added about 1 month prior to departure depending on gas prices and the airline.
  • Laundry
  • Individual Medical Insurance (Primary)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for bus drivers and escorts (It is customary to tip bus drivers/escorts $20-35 depending on length of tour)
  • Everything not listed in inclusions


Important Note Regarding Fundraising:

Each Team member is responsible for checking the guidelines for raising funds as they pertain to their eligibility with their respective athletic associations.  All personal funds raised above and beyond the said trip cost will be refunded in September of the year traveled.  All non-personal funds raised above and beyond the said trip cost become the property of American International Sports Teams and will be used to upgrade the overall trip in some aspect.


Refunds on Overpayments: In some cases, participants may find that their fundraising efforts have exceeded their expectations.  In the event you have raised more money than your portion of the tour you will be entitled to some refund.  Because of guidelines set forth by governing bodies we are not allow to refund money to players with remaining eligibility.  However, if you have paid in personal money (which includes your money as well as your immediate family investments) we can reimburse you for your investment.  For example, if you or your parents have paid the deposit of $300 out of pocket you would be entitled to a refund of up to $300 over the amount of the cost of the said trip.  If the trip cost is $1000 and you raise $1300, you would be eligible to receive a refund for your initial deposit of $300.  If you raise $1325, the additional $25 would become property of AIST and used to upgrade the tour in some aspect.  Refunds will be disbursed in September. 




Payment Schedule:

After your initial deposit you will have a payment schedule that will be set up for you to pay or fundraise for the rest of your trip.  It is important to remember that approximately 150 days before your departure date we must have enough money in your account to purchase your international airline ticket.  If you are below this amount you will risk being dropped from the tour and you will be subject to the cancellation policy.  You must also be paid in full 60 days prior to departure or you will be subject to the cancellation policy.  Other restrictions may apply for discounts on specific tours as well.


Additional Trip Insurance Available:

We highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance.   Contact Angela Hecht at or 631.752.8024.


Statements and Uniforms:

Please make sure we have a permanent email address as we will be sending monthly statements via email for your records.  To ensure you are receiving the latest information and updates on tour changes it is important for us to have an active email account.  It is your responsibility to contact us if you are not receiving your statement once a month.  Monthly statements will be sent the first of every month.


Uniforms will be mailed out approximately two weeks prior to your departure date.  Make sure we have a shipping address were we can send your uniform and international airline tickets.   If you order the wrong size uniform you will be responsible for covering any additional costs for reordering a uniform.  Your uniform will not be mailed out unless your account is paid in full.



Should you fail to pay for your tour in full at the end of services, you will be subject to a $35 late fee per month until the account is paid in full.  Any fees that result from non-payment are the sole responsibility of the traveler on the account.


Cancellation / Refund Policy: 

The initial deposit at time of registration is non-refundable unless otherwise stated.  There are no exceptions for the cancellation fee.  Please make sure you understand the commitment you are making prior to putting in your deposit. 


A cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total trip cost (land and air) will be assessed for cancellations between 130 and 110 days prior to departure.  A cancellation fee equal to 75% of the total trip cost (land and air) will be assessed for cancellations between 109 and 60 days prior to departure.  Cancellations made within 59 days of departure will receive no refund.  All cancellations must be confirmed by e-mail to AIST at   AIST will do their best to eliminate cancellation fees when possible however, this is dependent upon our suppliers and the timing of your cancellation of the tour.

We highly recommend trip insurance.

Airline tickets:

All airline tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.  We must have correct and legal spelling of participant’s name as it reads on his or her passport.  Responsibility for accuracy of the information given lies within the participant.  Any name changes will incur a change fee of $350.


Waiver Statement:

I recognize that because of the potential hazardous nature of this activity that an injury might be sustained. In the event of such an injury to myself, if I or my family members cannot be contacted, I give my permission to the attending physician to render such treatment as would be normal and agree to pay the usual charges for such treatment. I now release American International Sports Teams Inc., its employees, volunteers, agents, and assigns from responsibility for any personal injuries to property caused by or having any relation to this activity. I understand that this release applies to any present or future injuries and that it binds my heirs, executors and administrators. I understand that participants may be videotaped or photographed during this activity.  I have read this release and understand all of its terms. I sign voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance.


Exchange Rate:

It is not possible for AIST to predict the rate of exchange for each international trip.  Therefore, we reserve the right to add a charge if necessary depending on the current rate of exchange at time of final payment.  The charge will only be implemented if the value of the foreign Currency increases against the dollar by more than $0.10.  If the value of the dollar should fall more than $0.10 one month prior to departure an increase in the cost of the tour may occur.  The additional cost will not exceed $150 for any tour.

Unpaid Balances:

AIST will pursue any unpaid balances due for services provided.  Any cost incurred for collection of unpaid balances shall be paid by the client who used the services.

Inappropriate Behavior:

AIST reserves the right to remove participants from the group that are being disruptive or causing problems for the group.  If a coach or AIST staff members feels the participant is behaving in an inappropriate manner they reserve the right to send the participant home at their own expense. 

Airline Connections:

If you have purchase a group flight with AIST from a gateway destination to your international destination it will be each passenger’s responsibility to meet the group on time for departure.  AIST will not be responsible for missed connections or flights.  It is recommended that passenger’s arrive for departures 3-4 hours prior to take off to make their connections.  Please note that Airlines reserve the right to change flight times and AIST will only be able to provide you with the most current flight schedule.  Should Airlines change our groups’ flight time it will be your responsibility to amend changes to your arrival times to meet the schedule provided by the airlines.


AIST Alcohol and Drug Policy:

Any passenger caught using drugs on an AIST tour will be removed from the tour at their own expense.  If you are under the age of 19 you will not be permitted to consume alcohol on tour regardless of the laws of the country in which you are traveling.  If you are 19 or over AIST will allow you to make adult decisions on your consumption as long as it is within the laws of the country you are traveling.  If you abuse the privileges and are causing problems on tour, AIST will dismiss you from the tour and you will be responsible for your expenses to return to the USA at that time.

AIST Alcohol and Drug Policy

AIST Alcohol and Drug Policy:  AIST does not allow the consumption of Alcohol or Drugs by the athletes on our U19 teams traveling abroad.  If a participant is under the age of 19 and is caught consuming alcohol or drugs on tour, the participant will be dismissed from the tour at their own expense.  AIST will escort the athlete to the airport and they will be responsible for paying for their flight home at that time. 

Participants who are traveling with U19 AIST select teams will be required to fill out the form below along with their Parent(s) or Guardian(s).  By filling out the form below, you (the participant) and your Parent(s) or Guardian(s) sign knowingly and willingly and are in agreement with the AIST Alcohol and Drug Policy.    This is a zero tolerance policy and participants will be dismissed immediately from the tour if caught consuming Alcohol or Drugs.  You will receive an email confirmation upon submitting your form. Continue reading

Travel Insurance

Please consider Travel Insurance!

Encountering the unexpected is often a part of travel; ranging from the inconvenient to a truly serious emergency. Travel Insurance offers comprehensive travel protection coupled with extensive 24-hour emergency assistance services to meet the challenges of today’s travel and help you enjoy a worry-free trip.

Consider these reasons to purchase a plan before departing, for a true sense of security on your journey. Continue reading

Team or Group – Terms and Conditions with AIST

American International Sports Teams Inc. – TERMS & CONDITIONS

Set out below is an explanation of the conditions that apply when you book a tour with American International Sports Teams (AIST) and its Suppliers.  It is important that you read these conditions as they not only define our obligations to you but also impose some important commitments upon you. We look forward to being your Tour Provider on the following Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions of the Team Travel Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) between American

International Sports Teams (hereinafter “AIST”) and _____(Your Team)____ (hereinafter

“Participant(s)”) to participate in AIST’s travel abroad program. Continue reading

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