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Team AIST Baseball

2015 AIST Select Team Invitations


If you received an email from AIST or your Coach with an invitation to join one of our select teams traveling in 2015 you can access the invitation links below with your password. These opportunities are reserved for our individually selected team members. You must have received a password to view the invitation link. If you were not selected for the team you will need to contact us to inquire about how to become a select team member.

AIST 2015 Collegiate Select Teams:

Our Collegiate select teams are made up of players from all levels of College play. We recruit players who have received honors such as All-American, All-conference and national statistical leaders from across the country. We spend several months putting together these teams to make them highly competitive as we play top level teams including National teams in many of the countries we visit. The tours below are the options available for 2015. If you received an invitation from AIST you are welcome to confirm your position for any of the options you would like. Positions are limited on each team, please contact us soon to ensure your spot on the roster is still available.

Prague Baseball Week Tour Invitation- Tentative travel Dates: June 19 – 29, 2015

AIST High School or U19 select teams are made up of players from all over the USA that have been recruited by AIST staff members or coaching professionals. Most of our selected U19 players will go on to play at the college level. We generally look for statistical leaders as well as players with good leadership and a strong desire to play at the next level. The age range of our players is between 16-18 for these opportunities. Players selected are usually recruited as current Juniors or Seniors. However, we have selected outstanding athletes as sophomores and even a few freshman. If you did not receive an invitation, please contact AIST to see how you can become a select team member.  Positions are limited on each team, please contact us soon to ensure your spot on the roster is still available. AIST 2015 High School Select Teams:
Dominican Republic High School Baseball Tour 2015 – Tentative Travel Dates: July 29 – August 4, 2015

Watch the Last out of our 2012 3 Peat Championship!


TEAM AIST Pitcher – Prague Baseball Week 2012 – Eric Mozieka Interview

Team AIST Baseball History:


Since 2002, AIST has been putting together competitive teams to travel the world and compete against top level competition. Players traveling with AIST will get to experience a very unique opportunity that will include a cultural, educational and sporting experience like no other. Past participants have said because of their experience with AIST it has changed their life in a positive way creating a more confident and successful person as well as a better athlete. These experiences are life changing and can help individuals realize their potential as well as give them a brighter outlook on life in general.

Team AIST Select Tours
      • 2012 – 1st Place Prague Baseball Week – 3 Peat [1st Team in 31 Years of Tournament to 3 Peat]
      • 2011 – 1st Place Prague Baseball Week – Back to Back
      • 2010 – 1st Place Prague Baseball Week
      • 2008 – 3rd Place Prague Baseball Week
      • 2008 – 1st Place Dominican Republic Challenge
      • 2007 – 1st Place Dominican Republic Challenge
      • 2006 – 2nd Place Prague Baseball Week
      • 2003 – 3rd Place Belgium Baseball Tournament
      • 2005 – 1st Place Robur 58 Tournament
      • 2004 – 2nd Place Prague Baseball Week
      • 2004 – 1st Place Robur 58 Tournament
      • 2003 – 2nd Place Prague Baseball Week



Prague Baseball Week 2012 – MVP of the Tournament – Andrew Volkmann – Carroll University
Prague Baseball Week 2012 – Batting Title – Marcus Riewer – University of Minnesota – Duluth
Prague Baseball Week 2011 – MVP of the Tournament – Andrew Benton – Briar Cliff College
Prague Baseball Week 2010 – MVP of the Tournament – Matthew Vance Harvard University
Prague Baseball Week 2010 – Best Pitcher of the Tournament – Christopher Valentine Grace College
Prague Baseball Week 2005 – Best Hitter – Brandon McCabe Delaware Valley College

AIST Past Team Coaches:
      • 2014 – Position Open – Prague Baseball Week
      • 2013 – Brent Pourciau – – Prague Tour
      • 2012 – Brent Pourciau – – Prague Tour
      • 2011 – 2010 – 2008 – 2006 -2005 – 2004 – 2003 – Frank Sims – Spring Hill College – Prague Tour, Holland Tour
      • 2008 – 2003 – Gary Haarmann – Rockhurst University – Belgium Tour, Dominican Tour
      • 2007 – 2005 – 2004 Adam Neisius – University of Nebraska – Kearney – Prague Tour, Robur Tour, Dominican Republic Tour
      • 2006 – Ryan Howard – Avila College – Prague Tour
      • 2005 – Chris Brown – Bemidji State University – Prague Baseball Tour
Top Team Players:
      • University of Minnesota – Duluth – Marcus Riewer
      • Concordia University – WI – Harold Steldt
      • Carroll University – Andrew Volkmann
      • Christian Brothers University – Russell Cagle
      • Colorado School of Mines – Ryan Phillips
      • Longview Community College – Justin Hibbler
      • Morningside College – Josh Bay
      • Avila College – Nathan Brandt
      • Spring Hill College – Jacob Ledkins
      • Marion College – Jason Punton
      • Longview Community College – Justin Kesner
      • Mercy College – Steve Parisi
      • Bemidji State University – Jared Padrozda
      • Spring Hill College – Drew Sims
      • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts – Robert Howland
      • Central Methodist College – Jamie Reed
      • Colorado School of Mines – Mike Cerbo
      • Delaware Valley College – Mick Bigwood
      • University of Maryland-Eastern Shores – Brandon McCabe
      • University of Wisconsin-Platesville – Nick Pepper
      • University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown – Justin Ronan
      • Springfield College – Josh Charpentier
      • Longview Community College – Taylor House
      • Fairmont State University – Bryan Spitzer
      • Spring Hill College – Ryan Hall
      • Spring Hill College – Jared Bonvillain
      • Occidental College – Charles Moffet
      • Colorado Christian University – Christopher Polton
      • Bluffton College – Curtis Schroeder
      • Geneva College – Andrew Lubich
      • Grinnell College – Robert Unsell
      • Newberry College – Nick Martin
      • Midland Lutheran University – Trevor Womack
      • Macalaster College – James Murrey
      • Hiram College – Kris Immel
      • Wayland Baptist University – Bobby Curtis
      • Iowa Wesleyan College – Christopher Walls
      • Iowa Wesleyan College – Mario Mendoza
      • Iowa Wesleyan College – Justin DeVoe
      • Schreiner University – Ray Martinez
      • Harvard University – Matthew Vance
      • Grace College – Christopher Valentine
      • University of Pittsburg at Johnstown – Eric Faint
      • Spring Hill College – Patrick O’Malley
      • Briar Cliff College – Andrew Benton
      • Spring Hil College – Brian Sims
      • Jacob Olivas – University of Texas at Brownsville
      • Jorge Carmolinga – University of Texas at Brownsville
Current Team Tours

These tours are invitation only. In order for you to join the team you must receive an invitation from AIST or a coach. Positions are now open for 2011 tours: Czech Republic – Italy – Dominican Republic

To find out the cost of each tour please contact the office by clicking the contact link above. Or you can call anytime 816.256.3828.

AIST teams will be made up of NCAA division I, II, III, Jr. College and NAIA athletes. We will be filling teams for each level depending on the number of players we are able to find. Our goal is to fill a competitive roster to represent the USA while giving you the experience of a lifetime. Some tours are tournaments, some are just exhibition games with a competitive international schedule. If you’ve been selected to join us please contact soon as roster spots are limited. If you have been selected by our staff or a coach your position is not guaranteed until we have received your deposit to hold your position on the team.

Team Videos

Photos Albums


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