England Ireland Update – July 21

blog 4Yesterday was the most exciting day so far. First, we took a trip to Old Trafford, the stadium where the team Manchester United plays. As a big soccer, I mean football` fan, this was one of the things I was really looking forward to do, and it didn’t disappoint! We started out by shopping, and then a few of us took a tour of the stadium. It was so fun, we got to go into their changing room! I also learned a lot, especially about the Munich Disaster, which I had no idea about. Then, we went back to the hostel and went shopping for a bit. Not far was all of these great shops like Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Burberry, and Gucci; of course we just looked in. We played a game that night against “North”, consisting of girls from Wales and Scotland, including the Wales national teams’ goalie. We won 10-7! Afterwards we hung out with the players because they were generous enough to cook food for us. As of right now, I am sitting in the port with my teammates, waiting for our ferry to Dublin!

Davia Procida – Frostburg University

Blog 5July 22

We arrived into Dublin after a 2 1/2 hour bus ride and a 3 hour cruise from Holyhead to Dublin. Last night we checked into our hotel and headed to a local pub where there was a live Irish band and a 45 minute Celtic Dance show.

Today we are taking a trip to the country side in County Wicklow to Glendalough. After some free time hiking in the country side we will return to Dublin for our final game vs. a developmental team of Ireland.

England / Ireland Update July 19

blog pic 2This trip has been very exciting so far. When we arrived on Thursday, we were able to tour London. I really enjoyed Big Ben, and seeing the changing of the horses and guards. On Friday, we went down and got to shop in Harrod’s; it was huge and we got lost in there. Saturday we played in our tournament, and today we tied our first game and won our second game! It was very special because we became a lot closer as a team and worked together to get that last win. That’s all for now! Oh, and one thing about England, it likes to rain for two minutes and stop, on and off for a whole day!
Davia Procida – Frostburg University
Final Results of the London Tournament:
AIST North vs. Zenith – 5-4
AIST South vs. Hawks – 4 – 4


AIST – North finished Second behind West London losing 8-2 in the championship game.
AIST – South finished fifth with a win over the Hawks of South London with a 7-2
We have now transfered to Manchester. Tomorrow we will take a trip to the Manchester United soccer stadium and have some free time to explore the city. We will combine the teams tomorow to play against a local team from Manchester in the evening.
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England / Ireland July 18 Update

Hey Ruby and Lyndsay here,
Today is our third day in London and we are having a blast. The first day was a whirlwind of touring. We went to see Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, and the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. It is really amazing to be in a country that is so rich in history. It really puts into perspective how young the United States really is.

Our second day we were given time on our own to go explore the city. We took a trip to the Tate Museum of Modern Art. There were some beautiful pieces of art work from Matisse and Pollak. In the afternoon we had practice in Chiswick which is just outside of Central London. It was cool to travel outside the city and see the suburbs as well.

Today was our first day of competition in the London Tournament. We have never played internationally before so we were excited to check out the competition. There are several rule changes from the U.S. to international rules. The most noticeable changes were the rules about goggles, which in fact you do not have to wear. Also, when on attack or defense you only hold three players back as opposed to the four you hold back in the United States. Our first game was against a talented team from West London, followed by another American team, the Hawks, and the other AIST team. We did pretty well finishing the day at 3-1. The game in England is very different as the refs let you play a lot more and there are not as many whistles. It’s nice to be able to play more aggressive. Tomorrow we have one more game and then we find out if we are in the championship. Hopefully we have a good enough record and can win the tournament. Well, that is all for now!

Ruby Devine and Lyndsay Ward “University of Louisville ” AIST Blue Team

Results from today’s games:

AIST Blue vs. West London 5-2 W
AIST Blue vs. Harvard ” 0 ” 6 L
AIST Blue vs. Hawks ” 6 ” 3 W
AIST Blue vs. AIST Red ” 9 ” 3 (Blue W)
AIST Red vs. West London ” 6 ” 2 L
AIST Red vs. Zenith – 6 ” 3 L

England and Ireland Arrival Day – July 16

July 16 – Arrival Day

After an early arrival the group headed to the city immediately to start their tour of London. Tim, our guide provide great information on the city while we bussed in on our private coach with our driver Alan. We made stops at the King Albert Memorial, Westminster Abby and Buckingham Palace (we wanted to watch the changing of the guards but they had a funeral going on for the 8 soldiers that died in the war this past week). Then we headed to Covent Garden where we watched some live street entertainment and enjoyed a fresh market of flowers and food. We ate lunch there and then headed to the tower of London for guided tour with Tim. We got some time to explore on our own and see the Crown Jewels. After a busy day of sightseeing and short napping times on the bus from stop to stop, we headed to check-in. We got cleaned up from our travels and headed to a great dinner at Azurro Italian restaurant near the Waterloo train station. More to come…..