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“AIST provided me with a wonderful opportunity to play the sport I love against many of the world’s best players. It was a blast to be able to explore Prague with a group of girls who all had the same interest as myself. I would recommend this tour to others. This exsperience will last me a lifetime.” Whitney Richards – Temple University Lacrosse – Div I 3rd Team all American

“Our trip to Prague, Czech Republic with AIST this summer was an amazing experience. Not only did we get to see many beautiful sights and learn a great deal about a different culture, the players were able to meet and play with other athletes from all different schools and backgrounds. Our squad had a once in a lifetime experience by competing in the Prague Cup against national teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, the Czech Republic and even the USA National team. It was a tremendous trip and I would rdefinitely recommend this to college players and recent graduates alike.” Fran Amasia

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Augustana College Final Blog – Australia Tour

Blog by Katherine Walker:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010:
Today we spent the entire day out on Morton Island. We took a large ferry out to the island and enjoyed sitting out on the top deck of the boat as we headed out to the island. Once we reached the island, it was a relaxing day that mainly consisted of laying out on the beach, playing rugby in the water, swimming, playing beach volleyball, or exploring the island. Everyone had a delicious lunch and before catching the ferry back, we all indulged in ice cream and milkshakes. For dinner, we ate at Gino’s Italian restaurant and had a fantastic dinner! The food was terrific and we all had a wonderful time on our last evening in Australia. We are all sad to be leaving, but I know everyone (like myself) is certainly ready to be back home with our loved ones. I know that I can vouch for everyone in our group when I say that this has been the trip of a lifetime and one that I will never forget.

JHU Field Hockey – Uruguay – Jan 5

After a very early departure from Buenos Aires by bus, the group boarded the express ferry to Uruguay. Upon arrival it was a 2 hour drive across the countryside to Montevideo where we checked in about 3pm. The team took advantage of the 85 degree weather and sun to lounge by the pool this afternoon. Dinner is at 830pm.

Tomorrow the group will have a guided tour of the city and some free time to expore before playing the Uruguay National team selection.

Augustana College – Australia – Jan 5 Blog

Blog by Rachel Russel:

Today was our last day in Sydney, Australia, and there were varous groups of girls that each sought out a different adventure. Some girls went on a “scavenger hunt” of the city, in search of vairous statues, memorials and interestng buildngs to take pictures with. Others went to the famous bridge and walked across, incorporating a tour in the tower with spectacular views. Finally another group took the day to go to the aquarium and the botanical gardens where gorgeous pictures of the exotic flowers were taken. After a 7:15 departure to the airport, we waited for a 9:30 flight back to Brisbane.
After a few rain dances, the team was finally able to say that we played a game in Australia! Although our first game was not until 6:00pm, we left a little early to scope out the competition and root for the girls that we were originally supposed to play last week. At 6:00 we all put our game faces on, and even though the first game resulted in a loss, we still showed an excellent display of talent and team chemistry. Our second game however was more successful, as we were able to pull ahead for most of the game and take home a W for Augie. Our pitchers did well, and our bats were very successful tonight; our hard work and preperation had definitely paid off!

JHU Field Hockey – Dec 31-Jan 2 – Blog

Blog by Sarah Jacobs:

On New Year’s Eve, we traveled on the bus to Mar del Plata far longer than we anticipated because all of Buenos Aires wanted to celebrate New Year’s at the beach to bring in the new year. After finally arriving, several of us went to put our toes in the sand and to test out the temperature of the water. After our team dinner, we ventured down to the beach. The coaches broke out the champagne, many pictures were taken, and we counted down to the New Year. Fireworks were exploding; people were cheering and yelling €œYa Hop!€ There was no better way to celebrate New Years than with your whole team, it was a wonderful experience! It seems that New Years a lot of times is built up to be better than it usually is but not this time, as we were in a foreign place and just got to enjoy our time together. After the toast everyone somehow went separate ways and by the end of the night most people had to walk several blocks because the cabs were nowhere to be found. Anyone in heels immediately regretted wearing them.

We woke up on New Years day to find rain and overcast skies; this was clearly no way to enjoy a beach day. Several of us rode on the bus to see if we could find something of interest. They took us to these cliffs along the beach, which were absolutely beautiful. After taking several photos, venturing out on the rocks and enjoying the views, we made our way home to relax. There was quite a bit of walking involved, and everything was closed until late in the afternoon. The sun came out for a while and some people got to enjoy the beach. After a while, the clouds came in, and we were unexpectedly met with a torrential downpour. We booked it back to the hotel to stay happy and dry. That night, we went to a disco called Coyote Ugly. We had dinner there and were serenaded by a mariachi band. My birthday is coming up on the 6th, so when the mariachi band asked if anyone had a birthday you can imagine whose name everyone was chanting. I don’t speak Spanish but I was able to figure out they wanted me to go up on stage, wear a sombrero, and dance as they sang a song to me. After the show, a group of us stayed and went to the disco area. It was the coolest place! There were many different bars and clubs located around a jungle-themed common outdoor area. Each bar and club played different types of music. We danced up a storm and caught the attention of some of the locals with our moves.

surfing Argentina JHUOn January 2nd, we were finally able to travel to the beach and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky! We took a bus to a nicer beach which they said would get crowded by the end of the day, and they were certainly right about that. After slathering on sunscreen, several of us laid around to tan, read, and relax. If we were in the states we would be in cold weather and several layers; it was a blast that we were able to actually be in swim suits and sun and no longer have to be pale and ghostly looking. About six of us decided to take a surf lesson in the afternoon. Lessons were very inexpensive, and it was definitely one of the best parts of the trip!! We had 2 cute instructors who first made us do a warm up lap by running up and down the beach and then we had to stretch. After learning the proper technique on the sand, we were able to finally get out in the water. The instructors pushed us to help us catch a wave. Everyone was able to stand, if not on the first try, then at least by the third. A few of us were able to do it without their help! Coach and a few others got some great pictures of us both surfing and wiping out. It was so much fun and such an adrenaline rush!! By the end of the day, several people took themselves home because many of us had pretty bad sunburns. The sun down here It didn’t feel that bad when we were out there. The rest of us stayed and enjoyed a live reggae show while sitting on the beach. The coaches and Chad made a crocodile in the sand and in seashells we wrote JHU FH. After all this we went home and a lot of us took long naps to attempt to forget about our burns. After going out to dinner, we went to a disco on one of the most popular streets where the nightlife is happening. We got in relatively early and enjoyed hanging out and some dancing. By the end of the night, there was not a line to get in but a huge mob to get it. There were people everywhere, both inside the disco and outside on the streets! We caught a taxi home and called it a night at about 3:30. I had to sprint ahead of some people to get a taxi! People were still arriving at this point to go to the bars as we were going home. The late nightlife here is unreal and this is coming from me, a night owl. People do not go to bed until the sunrises!

It has been a great adventure so far. Everyday seems so long because we put so much into the days. I am going to sleep very, very well when I get home. It has been so much fun to be with the team and enjoying this experience and culture!