Grace College’s Christopher Valentine earned Best Pitcher Award

Christopher ValentineGrace College honored their sophomore pitcher Christopher Valentine’s performance at the Prague Baseball Week with a great article on their website. They posted some quotes by the Team AIST Baseball Coach Frank Sims and talked about the history that Team AIST made at the tournament this year.

“Team AIST consisted of 16 players from 11 different schools around the nation. Before this year’s championship, they had taken home three second-place finishes and one third-place finish. Harvard University’s Matthew Vance (short stop) also became the first American to win the MVP of the Tournament.

Valentine’s and Vance’s awards were presented by Haim Katz, the President of the International Association of Baseball (IAB).”

To read the entire article here is a printout of the page from Read article print out!

Best Experience of My Life!

aist-prague-2010_20090101_0792What an experience I had to travel and play for Team AIST. When I first heard about this trip from Brent Pouricau, a former player and recruiter for AIST I was a bit worried how I would end up getting the funds to be able to go to Prague. Although I made it work and got the funds and glad I did. Just to be able to go to Prague and explore the city was amazing and yet to be able to play baseball and win the championship was beyond my thoughts. Being able to travel with the baseball team and softball team was awesome and getting the chance to meet new people that I would have never met if I would have never gone on the trip. As we spent time together we all had a good time and will forever remember this trip. I would like to thank AIST for allowing me to join the team and had an experience that I will talk about for the rest of my life. I WILL BE BACK FOR ANOTHER TRIP!!
Thank you Team AIST!

Daniel Pitfield

AIST is Blowing Away Expectations!

AIST is Blowing Away Expectations!When I was first contacted to join AIST, I’ll be honest I was a bit skeptical. The trip seemed like a lot and I didn’t know how I was going to find the funds to do it. Needless to say I did find the funds and was able to go to Prague and win a championship! The trip price was dead on too. For all the stuff you get to do, the price of the trip was well worth it. The people you meet are great too! It was nice to be with a group of guys that wanted to win while we were there. The athletes you play with are good too, not sub-par, which makes the competition all the more fun. It was also pretty cool how the softball and baseball team all became quick friends on this trip. If I could do this again, I would not hesitate to travel with AIST. They give you a great bang for your buck and are knowledgeable about the cultures you encounter. Thanks for this great opportunity and I hope I can travel with you again!

In Gratitude,
Shawn Baker Continue reading

An Honor to Play with TEAM AIST in Prague

My name is Eric Faint and I have been playing in Germany since June of this year and til October 5th. I was picked up to play with Team AIST for the Prague games this 2010. I pitch both submarine and sidearm and was honored to have helped represent USA and support the team. It was a great honor and experience. I pitched the entire championship game and what a feeling of honor!

I simply wanted to thank AIST for allowing me to play and I wanted to relay how much I admire the coach. He is a great representation of dignity and sportsmanship and talent!

As I continue to try to follow my dream to play professional baseball — I will always remember this occasion and be honored to have played with Team AIST.

Thank you so much Team AIST.

Eric Faint

ESPN’s 10 “Don’t Miss” Baseball Experiences name Prague Baseball Week #7

TEAM AIST has been competing in the Prague Baseball Week Tournament for the past 7 years. They have taken home three 2nd place awards and one 3rd place award. European baseball continues to gain more exposure with the World Baseball Classic. In 2007 acknowledge the Prague Baseball Week as number 7 out of the top 10 “Don’t Miss” baseball experiences in the world. Continue reading