Prague Baseball and Softball Week – Daily Blog

Prague Baseball and softball Blog:

Day 1 Blog – Munich Arrival:

My experience getting to JFK in New York wasn’t the best, but after 4 stops, 2 canceled flights, my luggage going missing, and a 50 minute cab ride to JFK… I met the most amazing teammates and new friends. We quickly clicked and came up with nicknames, before jumping on the plane and heading on our 7 hour flight to Paris, France.

On the plane we slept and had dinner before arriving in Paris. We ended up sprinting from our arriving terminal to the departing terminal. When jumping on the plane we quickly took off from Munich, Germany.

Upon arrival in rainy Munich, we quickly boarded the bus and began taking in the scenery and culture. We quickly visited Dachau concentration camp. It was very interesting to truly walk through history and experience it first-hand where so many events happened in the Holocaust.

After Dachau, we checked into our hotel after 24 hours of travel, we can’t even believe how a shower felt even though they lost my luggage. We all got ready and then went to dinner, we experiences and authentic German cuisine. After dinner all of the girls spent time getting to know each other before heading to bed. Tomorrow we bike through the beautiful city of Munich.

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Italy Softball Tour – Days 1 – 7 Blogs by Players

Day One:

Roma! Roma! Roma! Right off the plane we headed on our tour bus and saw one of the greatest historical landmarks: the coliseum; it is unbelievable how large and detailed the structure is, it is amazing that such a remarkable building was built so long ago and still stands today. We then ventured for lunch and I had the best pizza I have ever had; just imagine melted cheese, perfectly seasoned sauce and crust with just enough crunch! Then we went to the fountain of Trevi where many of our girls threw in coins wishing for true love; it was here we had our first taste of gelato, the cream of the crop in terms of ice cream. We ended the day with a great team meal at the hotel and most of the girls falling asleep almost in their plate from a full day of activity and exhaustion. Continue reading

Soccer and Field Hockey Tour – Blog Days 1-3

Day 1-

Today we left JFK airport at 8:30pm on June 2nd and arrived in Italy at 11:30am on June 3rd! It was about 8 hour plane ride but so far it was all worth it. After leaving the airport we went straight to the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Cathedral. They were all beautiful and my favorite was the St. Peter’s Cathedral. It was made of all marble and was the largest of them all. After the tour we all stopped and had Gelato, which was amazing! Better than the ice cream back home. After some free time to ourselves and strolling around the beautiful city, we went to our hotel. There we had dinner at the hotel restaurant with some of our teammates. Dinner was delicious and I continue to be wowed by this spectacular country.

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