TEAM AIST Ireland and England Laxfest – August 3 – 11, 2011

Day 1 – Arrival in London:

On the first day, we met the infamous Chad. Running on little sleep, we tried to keep our eyes open as we started our bus tour of London. Despite our efforts, we all managed to fall asleep at some point along the way. Our first stop in London was Madame Tussauds wax museum. As we broke up into different groups we started to explore all that it had to offer. We all got to take pictures with our favorite celebrities and sports figures, including the royal family. The other tourists got the privilege of experiencing our lovely singing and dancing in the X-Factor live booth. Yeah, we don’t only play lacrosse, we are awesome singers too. Some “adventurous” members of our group decided to enter the Scream section of the museum. The adventurous spirit of the group dwindled as we entered, and we sprinted and screamed the entire way through. After the wax museum we hopped back on the bus and ventured off to the Tower of London. Here we saw our first Royal Guards and everyone was quick to snap a picture. We saw many parts of the castle including: the bloody tower; where it is rumored that two princes were murdered, the prison; where we had the opportunity to see the elaborate and beautiful inscriptions the prisoners made in the stone walls and finally the main tower; where we saw the elegant and magnificent crown jewels. We ended our day with a bus ride back to the hostel and a free night to explore our surroundings and mingle with the locals.

Nicole Sockett, Haverford College and Whitney Corby, Corning High School Continue reading