AIST Select – Player Profile

This is the AIST player profile form. If you are interested in joining one of our select teams you will need to submit this form to be considered for one of our opportunities. AIST takes great pride in selecting the best possible PC16athletes and people for our teams. With this information we can have a better idea if you will be a good fit for our competitive teams. Please don’t be discourage if you do not get selected. It’s possible we just do not have a position for you at this time. We may be in contact again in the future for other opportunities as well.

Please take your time and fill out this form carefully. Make sure we have the correct contact information and as many details about you as possible.   If you are selected, we will forward you an email to confirm we have a spot avaialble.

Player Profile

Please fill out the information below to be considered for our Elite USA team traveling abroad. The information you provide will help us to determine the if you will be a good fit for us but also if we will be a good fit for you. We will be in contact with you within one week if you have been selected for the final roster. If you have not heard from us please follow up with an email. After we contact you to confirm your position on the roster you will have a deadline to accept the invitation by registering online and paying the initial deposit due. Please be advised that there is a financial obligation to join one of our select tours. We look forward to receiving your information.
  • School Information

  • Please provide the name, phone and email address of a coaching professional who can recommend you as a player and person for one of our opportunities. Please include the name of the school or club where this person coaches currently.
  • Additional Sport Sepcific Questions - Answer all that apply to your sport

    This form is a general form for all of our select teams in 9 different sports. Please be specific so that we can identify you with the right team and level of play. Thank you.
  • Please list only positions you are comfortable playing.
  • Please list any awards such as All-Conference, All-State, Player of the Week, ect.