Prague Cup Lacrosse – Blog – June 9-18, 2012

Prague Cup 2012Team AIST Women’s Lacrosse – June 9-18, 2012 – Blog by Head Coach Julika Blankenship.

Day 1- Departing from JFK

On June 9th our AIST group met at JFK airport where we would start our amazing adventure to Europe. As everyone arrived to the airport, each member traveling with us had on their AIST gear so we were able to identify our soon to be team members and travel partner. Although I came with 5 of my own players that I coach at Washington College, it was neat to see the players quickly bond and make connections…. Immediate friends. Our travel group consisted of a women’s lacrosse team, men’s lacrosse team and a basketball team. All excited to represent their country and play a game that they love!! Continue reading

Italy Softball Tour 2012 – Blog

Italy Softball Tour – June 8-18, 2012  – Blog by Players and Coaches

After departing New York on on Friday, we arrived in Rome, Italy on time at 10:30am on Saturday.  A tremendous accomplishment, considering we are a party of 46 people! We have 30 college softball players (2 teams) along with 4 coaches and 12 family members. I was happy to see a familiar face when we arrived. Our Italian tour guide, Giancarlo Manti met us with a big smile and a hug.  In 2010, I had the privilege of traveling with AIST in Italy and Giancarlo was our tour guide. Giancarlo is a meticulous professional with a great deal of knowledge and a winning personality.

We were driven by private motor coach and dropped off a block from the Vatican City. “Leticia” gave us a guided walking tour of the Vatican museums. The collection of tapestries, paintings, sculptures was remarkable. (I have a renewed commitment to fulfill a long-time goal of making a mosaic tile piece.) The woven tapestries were from the 1500’s, created nearly 200 years before Columbus discovered America. Continue reading

Italy Soccer Days 3-4

We got a wake up call at 8. Then we had a pretty tasty breakfast. I ate  fresh mozzarella and bacon on a biscuit. Then filled my Aist bottle up with the amazing fresh squeezed orange juice. Finally, after a few people scurried to get ready because they missed the wake up call,  We could finally depart from the Holiday Inn and head to San Marino!!! We Watched angels and demons on the way… Then stopped at the beach in Rimini ! It’s okay to walk along and swim for free but you have to pay to sit!! You could also do a little shopping! I got my picture with a team of pickleball players in speedos!! Then looked for seashells! Lots of girls laid out as well. Then back on the bus for 40 minutes to San Marino… We had free time to walk around. There was plenty to see with castles and shops everywhere. Then we regrouped for supper. The meal was the best one yet and we ate in the cellar.. We had pasta with ham and fraesh shredded parmesan. Then, turkey with peas and fresh cut potato fries. We finished the meal with a pistachio chocolate cake!! After that, we headed to the salsa bar. It was an outside bar and we shot hoops, took shots, and even did a little dancing!! Then some of us climbed up to the castle!! We saw everything!! It was beautiful! You could look down on all of the lit of cities lower on the mountain. Then came back and played on the wifi for a long time. John micheal even got us a snack from the cellar- croissants. At about 3:30 we were all finally heading to bed for the night!


The next day in San Marino we got a wake up call at 8 and had breakfast at nine. Then we were off to the tour!! We took a one hour tour of the hills, shops, and castles in San Marino. Beautiful. Then, in our free time we did a whole lot of shopping, had a yummy lunch at 2(spaghetti and roast beef). Then we explored the shops in San Marino for our last three hours of free time. You could also go back to the hotel for a nap if you stayed up a little late the night before. I also had my serving of Gelato for the day! It is to die for! Theni ordered a little pizza before the game. Unfortunately, pepperoni in Italy is really red peppers. It was actually still pretty good though. Finally, it was time to get ready for the game. It was roughly an hour away. We ended up playing a sponsored team, we lost 4-1. They were much much better then the first team we played. After the game, the other team all signed a jersey and gave it to Carly. I thought that was pretty sweet. Then, we boarded the bus and headed back to the hotel. Nothing like pizza for a midnight snacks long the way though!!


Maggie Armstrong

Bluffton University

Italy Soccer Day 1-2 Rome

When in Roma …. the first day in Italy we toured the city of Rome. Rome is home to the Colosseum which is an ancient stadium where gladiators would battle for entertainment in ancient times. Also, the team visited the largest church in the world, Saint Peters, which took 150 years to build  Besides touring, we spent day two shopping the streets of Rome followed by our first match of the tour. Our first match ended with a 5-1 victory over an Italian team. From there we traveled to the city of San Marino.

Noelle Marston

Roger Williams University

Italy Soccer Tour – 2012 Blog

Italy Soccer Tour Blog

Day 2 – Rome – Game 1

Game Report from Coach Azem –

AIST Selection team looked good on the evening against a tactically savy Rappresentativa Regionale del Lazio side.  The effects of an eventful day touring the Italian capital of Rome and the previous day’s jet lag snuck up on the team as the game kicked off, with an early goal from Regionale del Lazio.


However, the very skilled side came back firing once the wake up call was delivered as Andrea Carpenter opened the flood gates with her 1 v 1 goal shortly after.  Stephanie Skelly then followed up with a long distance strike to ensure the game winning goal only moments later.  The match was evenly played as some kinks were ironed out rounding out the first half.  The second half had some fantastic combinations, high pressure, stellar defending and three goals.  The first of the three goals was off a header by Andrea Carpenter on the back post.  Leslie Jones finished an opportunity in the box by drilling a shot past the keeper’s hands and Ashley Holton rounded off the evening with the fifth and final goal with a near post rip on a tight angle.


AIST Selection team walked away with a 5-1 win against a strong Rappresentativa Regionale del Lazio side.  A great first game experience as the team continues to tour the country tomorrow and recover in time to play the next match on Wednesday.