How AIST works?

AIST receives invitations to participate in tournaments from around the world. Most of the tournaments have national teams competing as well as local club teams. We also set up exhibition games when possible before tournaments to give the athletes more opportunity to compete. Most of our teams will get between 5-7 games in a ten day period. The rest of the tour involves sightseeing and cultural education.


  1. our daughter received an invite to attend 2015 tour for tennis. it is our understanding this is the first year tennis is included in this opportunity. we are not sure how our daughter was selected but are interested in learning more about this opportunity. we have asked several high school tennis coaches, university head coaches, and usta officials including usta president and no one has ever heard of AIST. how can we get more information? can you have someone reach out to me by e-mail only. provide me with a name and number i can call to confirm this is good program for our talented tennis daughter.

    thank you

  2. Hello Lillie,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. It doesn’t surprise me that they haven’t heard of us. I have a list of references a mile long but none of them include people from the tennis world. This is our first year to add Tennis to our program. We have been doing sport tours for college athletes in several different sports since 2001 and started our High School program in 2009. Also, we recruit our players individually for these opportunities. We don’t advertise or send these invitations to everyone. We hand select the players so that we can fill our roster with the best possible candidates for our team. Our select teams are invitation only.

    We have been taking teams to the United World Games for 4 years now. Our Basketball team finished in 1st place, Soccer in 2nd and volleyball in 4th this year. It’s an incredible Olympic Style event that allows athletes from all over the world to compete for their country. We have been taking Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer teams to from U19 and U17 level for the this event every year. The UWG committee has asked us to bring a tennis team for 2016 so we have added this to our program.

    Chad Wilkinson
    AIST – President

  3. Hi,
    I was just wondering how you get an invitation for these tournaments. Is it based off of references or stats. I recently received an invitation that my coach sent me and neither of us knew how or why I received one. If you could please just give me some more information on how you get recruited for it. I play college softball too..

    Thank you!

  4. We recruit from online profiles of college recruiting data bases for our High School tours and from stat leaders posted on college players. We also have tryouts for some athletes and we get recommendations from coaching professionals as well.

  5. Hi, I’m a softball player who got an invite for this summer but wasn’t able to play because of expenses. Would that have been the only time I got invited to play or do you send an invite the next time around?

    Thank you, Tyger

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