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 USA Logo for UniformsHow about some AIST gear?


Apparel sold by AIST will no longer have the sport tied in with the USA logo we use.  Some national team governing bodies believe we are misrepresenting ourselves as the national team.  We apologize for any confusion. Our goal is not to mislead people into thinking we are the national team.  We simply provide athletes with an opportunity to play for their country in international competition.

Each athlete will receive: 2 AIST USA Uniforms, a dri-fit AIST Tshirt, an Under Armour drawstring back pack, 2 luggage tags and an AIST water bottle.

The Team Store is only open at certain times as we have to have minimum number of orders to have them processed.  If you order something from the team store, AIST is not responsible for handling any issues related to the ordering process.  You will be dealing directly with the company who will be printing and shipping your gear.  If you have problems with your order you can contact Tribal West directly at:  801-501-0880

Basketball, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Soccer, Softball Orders go to:


Lacrosse Orders go to:

You will be re-directed to the online store with Tribal west.


Delivery Date:

Next shipment will be week of June 14, 2017 for orders placed from May 5 - 14, 2017. 

Delivery of your Gear - AIST is not responsible for any issues with the delivery or ordering of your gear.  Tribal West is a separate company.  

TEAM STORE OPEN FROM May 5 - 14, 2017 - The store will remain open for orders until May 10th.  Please make sure you have placed orders by that deadline.  

Delivery is scheduled for week of:  June 10, 2017.  A minimum number of pieces must be sold to meet the delivery deadline.  

*The funds raised from the selling of our gear will help to upgrade your tour.  We will use the funds to purchase additional meals or other sightseeing activities that might not be included with your current package.


Joshua Hanks
(801) 501-0880


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