How about some AIST gear?


Apparel sold by AIST will no longer have the sport tied in with the USA logo we created.  Some national team governing bodies believe we are misrepresenting ourselves as the national team.  We apologize for any confusion. Our goal is not to mislead people into thinking we are the national team.  We simply provide athletes with an opportunity to play for their country in international competition.

Each athlete will receive: 2 AIST USA Uniforms, a dri-fit AIST Tshirt, an Under Armour drawstring back pack, 2 luggage tags and an AIST water bottle.


Our new partner in apparel is Maurer Sports from Belton, Mo.  They will handle all orders and shipping.  AIST is not responsible for any merchandise purchased through Maurer sports.  Any purchases made will help to benefit AIST select team tours with upgrades such as additional meals for the groups on tour, sightseeing activities or other tour options that would make your experience better.


IMPORTANT Notes regarding your order:

  • Each item ordered is custom printed
  • All shirts will have on the upper back shoulders in small print similar to the T-shirt you received when you travel with AIST
  • If you would like to receive your gear prior to your tour, you must place your order at least 1 month prior to your scheduled departure day



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