AIST- Basketball Testimonials 2013

Player + Coach Testimonials


Bob Walsh- Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Rhode Island College
Named on of the Top 25 coaches in the nation from Div II,III and NAIA.
Watch his interview: HERE!

“WOW, it was AWESOME!!! AIST is a first class organization that provides an experience of a lifetime for its players, coaches and fans. This is an amazing educational opportunity that every college athlete should take advantage of. I highly recommend this trip to anyone that wants to immerse themselves in a different culture, develop lifelong friendships and compete athletically on a global level. I feel so lucky to have coached such a great group of student-athletes and to be a part of the AIST family. Thank you so much!
Italy is packed with so much rich history that you have to be on the move every two days to experience it all. We were very fortunate to be able to see so much of the country in only ten days. I wouldn’t change the itinerary at all. The cities, castles and churches were so beautiful and I can’t wait to visit Italy again.”

Mike Jacobsma-Head Women’s Basketball Coach-Central College
Italy Basketball Tour 2013


“Traveling and sightseeing was absolutely amazing. The second I got home I wanted to go right back. Seeing all the architecture as well as the cultural aspects of Italy was amazing and learning some Italian along the way really made for a great trip. It was an experience of a lifetime and I didn’t want it to end as quickly as it did. Traveling on the bus with everyone and sightseeing brought everyone closer and made new friends along the way. Allowing us to go off on our own really allowed us to get the experience of what the food tasted like and how the community was. It allowed me to learn some of the ways of the Italians and see what their day to day lifestyle is like. It was perfect. The experience was amazing and unforgettable. From the moment we met the girls at JFK Airport, we all got along really well. I was thrilled to get to see things like the Trevi Fountain and get to play basketball against some of the competition overseas.”

Beth Suggs – New England College- All-American
Italy Basketball Tour 2013

“My experience with AIST was even better than I could have imagined. Everything was so well organized that the trip ran very smoothly. We were able to see so many different sites throughout the trip that you may not be able to get to if you took a trip like this with friends or family. The hotels we stayed in were very nice and we were fed very well! In addition to the sites we played some good competitive teams while we were there. I made friends on the trip that I will still talk to even after we have left. If anyone has an opportunity to take a trip with AIST I would highly recommend it. If I had the chance to go back I would!”

Courtney Burns-Rhode Island College
Italy Basketball Tour 2013

“It was incredible; a trip of a lifetime. What 22 year old could say that they toured around the beautiful country of Italy, doing the thing they love most: playing ball. I have AIST to thank for bringing me memories of a lifetime. AIST did a great job of hitting major landmarks in Italy and getting tour guides to explain all the history behind these landmarks. The bus trips were long, but you guys were unbelievable about moving us from point to point. We never had to wait, there were no screw ups on what and where to meet the bus, everything was extremely organized. “

Jon Goldberg-Emerson College
Italy Basketball Tour 2013
Emerson College

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