Coach Registration

Coach - AIST Select Team Registration

This form is for AIST select team coaches.
  • Personal Information

  • Important - We must have the correct spelling of your name as it will appear on your passport.
  • Again, must be the same as your passport. If you don't have a middle name on your passport put N/A.
  • Again, must be the same as your passport. If you don't have a passport it will be the same as your birth certificate unless your last name has changed because of marriage.
  • Please provide the mailing address where we can ship a package to you 2-4 months prior to departure.
  • Please provide a twitter handle if you would like.
  • Travel Information:

  • Please clarify if you are a current Head Coach, Assistant Coach, AAU Coach or Volunteer.
  • All Coaches Please indicate what size T-Shirt you would like. The T-Shirts are usually an A4 dri-fit unisex shirt. Polos are gender specific so plesae specify which cut ladies or mens you would prefer. All coaches but baseball will receive a polo. Baseball coaches please enter your Jersey Size, Pant Size, Hat Size and top three number choices.
  • In most cases, AIST will be able to put coaches in a single room. However, sometimes we may have to double up our coaches in a double rooms depending on the location and size of the group. We will do our best to accommodate you so that you will have a comfortable stay with AIST.
  • Please advise if you have any dietary needs or medical conditions that AIST should be aware of.
  • Emergency Contact Information

    In the unlikely event of an emergency, who should AIST contact on your behalf?
    As a coach for AIST we have a different cancellation policy. We only have to charge a fee if you cancel within a certain time period prior to travel. The fees are generally what ever cost we have put out. Please refer to the contract given to you for your cancellation fees.
    AIST does not provide individual travel insurance. We highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance.
  • Terms and Conditions

  • View Terms and Conditions
  • By signing here you are in agreement with the AIST Contract mailed to you and the terms and conditions provided.



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