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Day 1-3 – Blog by Players


First Stop: Munich… Gütenmorgen!

It was a series of falls – falling in love with Munich… It started when our plane fell off schedule in London – a quick 6 hour nap had us back on our paws and on a plane to Munich.  Arriving at our hotel Achat in a quaint residential area outside the city, we then fell into a deep slumber of kitty cat dreams – of victory, beer, and bratwurst.

An early wake-up call had the sleepy ‘Cats falling out of bed.  A somber trip to Dachau gave us an enormous perspective on a time period generally only read about in textbooks.  It was a quick visit that left a lasting impression on us all.  Ready to lax, a divine German breakfast sent us out onto the turf ready to claim two victories against the Czech and German National team.

The afternoon is where the falling really took off.  We had Jess Melby, star athlete, taking a dive off of one of Mike’s Bikes in the City Center.  Erin Keitel met her match on a rather daunting turn, falling into a bush.  And lastly, a sacrilegious fall into a Confession Booth inside the beautiful Theatinerkirche cathedral by Liz Edwards had everyone staring.

A couple skin burns and with no regrets, the ‘Cats spotted a man made slide in the English Park and obviously had to give a whirl.  YOMO (You Only Munich Once).  At the end of the tour, the sound of rushing water and breaking waves had our California girls intrigued- a surf mecca for landlocked Germans had the ‘Cats roaring.

After a long but incredible day, the ‘Cats dined, falling into conversation with Czechs and Germans alike, exchanging stories of lax and International Love (I see you Pitbull).

Concluding our Munich tour, the ‘Cats finished with two more victories, being crowned Champions of the World (or at least the Munich tournament). Speaking of Champions, Kim Wayne, head coach, then fell from the sky when attempting to zipline through the Olympic Stadium.  Jokes – she soared.  Sarah Duncan and Erin Doherty fumbled around in inflatable bubbles on the lake in the park while others took the high road, ascending up in the tower at Olympic Park which oversees all of Munich. 

After two days of hard work and a busy but exciting schedule, the ‘Cats were ready for some napskis before they ventured into City Center for some brewskis.  Hoping not to fall into the typical American tourist persona, it was time to bid Munich aufwiedersehen.



 Day 3-4 – Blog by:  Erin McGuire, Alanna Parker, Emily Rademacher


Neuschwannstein Castle and Zurich


After laxing, biking, and touring, we departed from Munich, making our way to the Neuschwannstein Castle and Zurich. Bratwursts, gelato, and window shopping had us ready to take on the castle by storm. We had a 30 minute uphill walk to the castle, dodging horse carriages and wishing we could teleport. The view was worth the walk. Once we got up we enjoyed looking like classic tourists and taking a million pictures. Afterwards we explored the castle with our guide, seeing the few rooms of the castle that had actually been finished before the king’s untimely death. Apparently he was drowned in shallow water with his psychiatrist, but nobody knows by whom…DRAMA! After visiting the castle, we were ready to head on to Zurich.


After a day and a half in Zurich, we can vouch for its reputation as one of the most expensive cities in the world. In the train station you had to pay 2 francs to go to the bathroom! But still, we wish we had more time. Zurich is beautiful. We started our time in Zurich with dinner at our hotel and a short evening exploration of the city center. In the morning, we had a guided walking tour to unlock the secrets of the city we had seen the night before. Barbara, our tour guide, was pretty much the coolest. We were showed the largest clock face in Europe along with beautiful gardens and lake views. After the tour we had a couple hours to take charge and explore the city on our own. We were sad to leave Barbara but managed to get a couple of pictures to capture the memory of our time with her.


A quick look at some of the price tags as we window shopped on Bahnhof Strausse left our mouths gaping and feet moving as we traveled toward the less expensive part of the city. Even the least expensive candy bar broke the bank….looks like we’ll be sticking with Hersheys. We picnicked by the lake and then made a trip to Spriingli, a famous chocolate shop. After this we headed back to the bus, leaving Zurich behind us. On to Italy!


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