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AIST 2017 High School and U19 Select Team Invitations:Team AIST

Congratulations on being selected to represent the USA in one of our select team events. You have the opportunity to showcase your abilities and experience some amazing places while competing on the international stage. Below you will see the opportunities available for you. Please click your desired destination and review the invitation link. You should have received your password in the invitation email or letter you received from AIST. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the options available for you.

AIST has been invited by two international federations to supply the best possible dance/cheer entertainment for these events. Our goal is to search across the USA and give athletes the opportunity to perform in an international setting with thousands of people on hand. Our selected coaches will be providing you with the training material needed to work on the routines necessary for the opportunity once you have been confirmed on our final travel roster. We look forward to building a unique experience for our first AIST Dance/Cheer Team to perform internationally.

United World Games

The first opportunity available will be the United World Games Tour. Our AIST Dance team will be performing in the opening and closing ceremonies for this annual tournament. This past year there were over 8000 people at the opening ceremonies. Our select team will be providing entertainment for this event which hosts teams from over 30 different nations in 10 different sports. This event will take place in June.  More information about the United World Games can be found at the tournament website: www.unitedworldgames.com

Italian Super Bowl / San Marino Cup

The San Marino Cup takes place every year in early July. AIST will be putting together another team to perform in the opening and closing ceremonies of this annual event which takes place in The Republic of San Marino. Our team will have the opportunity to explore Italy and showcase their talents to over 5000 participants in one of Europe's largest international youth soccer tournaments. More information about the San Marino cup can be found online at: www.sanmarinocup.com

In addition to the San Marino Cup performance, you will also be performing in the Italian Super Bowl of American Football.  You will have perform a halftime show during this event with nearly 3000 Italian football fans in attendance.

2017 will mark the first time in AIST history that a select team of performers will come together to represent the USA and perform in front of thousands. This once in a lifetime opportunity will be a first class tour giving you the opportunity to perform, explore and gain an educational experience of a lifetime.

If you have been selected to join AIST for a select team traveling abroad, we hope that you will consider the opportunity to showcase your talents abroad and represent the USA in these international event.

AIST has been operating professionally organized select teams since 2002 for several different sports. We are very excited to offer Dance/Cheer as a new opportunity for all levels of performance.


Invitation links include:

  • How you were selected to join AIST
  • Cost
  • Inclusions
  • Dates of travel
  • Sample itineraries
  • Confirm your position form
  • Terms and Conditions - Cancellation Policy
  • Fundraising options and sample payment schedules

2017 Invitation Links - Click on images below!

United World Games - Opening Ceremonies Performance 2017



Italian Super Bowl 2017 - Halftime Show Performance

www.aist.us/italy-dance-cheer2017 - coming soon

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