Italy Mbb & Team Stars update days 1-4

On the way to Italy, we had a few delays at the airport.  A bit stressful but as time passed we made our way to our intended desitination.  Having been used to certain customs my whole life, the breakfast variety was a surprise.  It was not what I was used to , but the flavor of the food was great.  We started our first day with a bus ride into Rome to see some historic structures.  Most of the things I had only seen in pictures in books.  We had an amazing guided-radio tour of Rome.

Day 2 started with trip to the Vatican City which included visits to St. Peter’s Cathedral, Sistine Chapel and the art gallery.  It was all of the utmost beauty. It was breath taking to see some of the paintings and designs.  We finished our time in Rome with lunch at a local pizzeria.    Off to Montecatini!

Day 3 was off to Florence for shopping and free time.  Our guide Giancarlo gave us a quick history lesson about Florence.  The AIST family believes Florence has been the best city we have visited so far.   Everyone loved that they could barter for their goods.  Something we are not used to back home.

Day 4  We left Montecatini for San Marino.  After a long bus ride, we arrived at our hotel to find a beautiful view of the country side.  Team Stars has a game tonight in Ancona.

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