Passport Information

This registration is set up for the participants who plan to travel with AIST. Every passenger is required to travel with a passport in order to leave the country. AIST collects this information in order to purchase airline tickets and also to provide the information to the hotels abroad. Hotels require the passport information of each passenger for security reasons. Please fill out the information on this form only if you are traveling with AIST.

Passport Information

IMPORTANT: This form must be filled out correctly. Any errors could result in a fee from the airlines to change. Please take your time and fill in dates and names accurately. This form is for AIST participants to provide AIST with the their passport infromation. Please remember, that a valid passport must have 6 months remaining from your return date to be valid in most countries.
  • The group name is the name of the team you are traveling with. For example: Italy Basketball or Amsterdam Softball.
  • Must be exactly the same as your passport.
  • Must be exactly the same as your passport. If you do not have a middle name put "none. If you have a middle name but it is not on your passport, enter None. Thank you.
  • Must be exactly the same as your passport.
  • Must be exactly the same as your passport.
  • Very Important! Please enter the mailing address that you want your uniform package to be shipped too. We will be shipping uniforms 2-4 weeks prior to departure. The address that appears on your statement is the address we are currently planning to ship your uniform to.
  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure your birthday is correct. Incorrect dates could result in a fee from the airline.


  1. Melissa Hernandez
    April 17, 2015

    My daughter and I will be traveling with group, can you please send me the group arrangement for JFK.

  2. Chad Wilkinson
    April 22, 2015

    All of the group flight details are located on the tour update page. You can find the tour update links at the top of the home page under Tour Updates. We can email you the password if you need it.

  3. Briele
    February 04, 2017

    Yes – Please send me PW for Italy U19 Softball – Tour Updates 2017

  4. Chad Wilkinson
    February 10, 2017

    The password should appear on one of your invoices. But we will email it to you if you no longer have it!

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