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If you are interested in joining an AIST select team and did not receive an invitation, please see below. It’s possible that we may have overlooked a few good athletes during our recruiting process!

AIST takes great pride in the quality of athletes we recruit to join our select teams.  We are always looking for top athletes pursuing the dream of playing at the next level.  We are also looking for good people with character and leadership to represent our USA select teams abroad. We need athletes that are superior, but also who are responsible and well rounded individuals to make our teams as competitive as possible. Our goal is to find the best individuals around the country to come together and represent the USA in international competition while showing respect and sportsmanship to all countries. It’s not possible for our AIST recruiters to see every player in the USA in the amount of time we have to fill a team. Therefore, we may have missed you. Please fill out this online form to be considered for one of our select teams if you are interested in being apart of one of our elite travel teams.


Player Profile

  • School Information

  • Please provide the name, phone and email address of a coaching professional who can recommend you as a player and person for one of our opportunities. Please include the name of the school or club where this person coaches currently.
  • Additional Sport Specific Questions - Answer all that apply to your sport

    This form is a general form for all of our select teams in 9 different sports. Please be specific so that we can identify you with the right team and level of play. Thank you.
  • Please list only positions you are comfortable playing.
  • Please list any awards such as All-Conference, All-State, Player of the Week, ect.
  • Please tell us how you heard about AIST.



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