Stonehill College Men’s and Women’s – TEAM AIST Basketball Ireland

by:  Adam Fazzini

Day 1 –  Galway, Ireland

My name is Adam Fazzini.  I am a rising senior graduating with the class of 2013 next year.  Our highly anticipated trip to Ireland has had our team very excited for some time.  This is a great opportunity for our team to build chemistry and enjoy each other’s company while exploring the beautiful country sides and cities that Ireland has to offer.  We are also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play against some of Irelands basketball clubs while we are here.  This is a good experience for our team to get a feel for what we are going to have next year and what we need to improve on.  There are big shoes to fill with losing our great senior class to graduation this spring and our players are eager to step up and prove themselves.

Our first day in Ireland was spent in the city of Galway.  We were given time to recover from our long flight and explore the area on our own.  While some chose to explore museums and landmarks, others enjoyed the many shops that the city had to offer.  We were also able to take some time out of our day to visit the Galway beach and kick the wall for good luck.  There is a long standing tradition here to kick the wall which apparently gives you good luck.

After returning from our trip to the beach, we were able to explore Galway once again.  We enjoyed our first culinary experience together at the King’s Head restaurant for dinner.  We spent the rest of the night taking in the culture and mingling with the people of Galway eventually returning to our beautiful Hotel Clybaun.  Though tired from our journey and the full day spent in the city, we are ready to continue our adventure.

Thank you for all of your support.   My classmate Sam Markle will be the next one to check in with you and update you on the trip.

Adam Fazzini



This is Ryan Hayes checking in. Yesterday, May 29th, we woke up and left Cork and travelled to Dublin. Due to the fact that the bus ride was an estimated 4 hours, we decided to stop in a small village called Birr. Upon arriving in Birr, we were given 2 hours to explore. At first, Birr seemed like a typical Irish village with a friendly atmosphere filled with small shops and pubs. However, Birr contained a historical medieval castle. Fascinated by the idea of medieval castle, we searched inside and were captivated with its history and incredible structure. After a short time in Birr, we boarded back on the bus and were on our way to Dublin.

Once we arrived in Dublin, we were given a short time before dinner to walk around and explore our surroundings. We soon realized that Dublin was by far the largest city we had seen in Ireland. It’s bridges and buildings were uniquely built and truly an astounding sight. To conclude our evening, we had dinner at the Thunderroad Cafe in Dublin. This restaurant offered a wide variety of food, all of which was delicious. Overall, our day was filled with adventure and experience and was especially a great way for me to celebrate my 21st birthday!

Thanks for all the support.

Ryan Hayes


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