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Team AIST Football History

Since 2002, AIST has been traveling the world with select players from across the country to competing in a variety of sports. The selection process is based on recommendations from coaches as well as statistical leaders from around the nation at all levels of college play. For our high school selected players can be from an AIST Tryout, college coaches recommendations, college showcase events or from our research of online player profiles.

As a player you will gain knowledge of the world around you, have an incredible cultural experience as well as improving your skills and creating many new friendships along the way. We hope you join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

2017 will mark the first year in AIST history for our select teams to expand into American Football.  We have had many requests from teams around the world to compete against our highly talented select teams in many other sports and now we have an opportunity to represent the USA in the growing international sport of American Football.  The Italian Football federation has invited AIST to bring a select team in 2017 to the Super Bowl of the Italian league for a game vs. the Jr. National Team of Italy.

Benefits of Traveling with AIST Select Teams

Our program is designed to give athletes the opportunity to improve as a player and as a person. Here are a few reasons to travel with AIST:

  • Cultural Experience of a Lifetime
  • Personal Growth
  • Educational sightseeing excursions and experiences
  • Emersion into an unfamiliar atmosphere
  • Develop new techniques and opportunities to improve your skills
  • A better understanding of the world around you
  • Meeting new friends, teammates and opponents from around the world
  • For High School Athletes - a chance to gain experience playing with like talent as preparation for the college level
  • For College Athletes - a chance to gain exposure for opportunities to play professionally abroad - AIST does not guarantee and pro contracts or opportunities by traveling with us
Team AIST Head Coaches:
  • 2018 - Spain Jr. National Team Exhibition - Position Open
  • 2018 - Italy U19 Super Bowl Tour  - Position Open
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