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AIST has added American Football to our program to provide the top athletes in the USA an opportunity to come together and participate in international competition. We will be recruiting across the nation for athletes who have excelled in football at the NCAA Division II, III and NAIA levels for the opportunity to compete in a tour of Italy. The professional football federation in Italy has requested that AIST bring a select group of athletes abroad to compete against some of the top teams around the country.

2014 will mark the first time in history that a select team of college athletes will come together to represent the USA in international competition. The level of play in Italy is not very strong at the moment, but the opportunity that AIST will provide for you will be an experience of a lifetime. With the possibility of international exposure, there may be a chance for you as a selected AIST team member to extend your football career in Europe at some time in the future.

If you have been selected to join AIST for a select team traveling abroad, we hope that you will consider the opportunity to showcase your talents in Italy and represent the USA in this international event.
AIST has been operating professionally organized select teams since 2002 for several different sports. We are very excited to offer American Football as a new opportunity for collegiate athletes.

We have several references that you are welcome to contact if you have any questions about AIST and the opportunity we provide. Please let us know if you have any concerns about the invitation you have received. We hope that you will consider joining us for our inaugural season in the summer of 2012.


AIST can also provide a first class team trip for any team looking to travel abroad for an experience of a lifetime. Any team looking to make a tour abroad to compete, explore, unite or have an educational experience of a lifetime please contact us for a sample tour and price quote. Fill out our online team trip request form here.


Current Team Tours

These tours are invitation only. In order for you to join the team you must receive an invitation from AIST or a coach.

To find out the cost of each tour please contact the office by clicking the contact link above. Or you can call anytime 816.256.3828.

AIST teams will be made up of High School athletes from all over the country. We will be filling teams for each level depending on the number of players we are able to find. Our goal is to fill a competitive roster to represent the USA while giving you the experience of a lifetime. Some tours are tournaments, some are just exhibition games with a competitive international schedule. If you’ve been selected to join us please contact soon as roster spots are limited. If you have been selected by our staff or a coach your position is not guaranteed until we have received your deposit to hold your position on the team.


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