TEAM AIST Ice Hockey


AIST has added ICE HOCKEY to our program to provide elite athletes an opportunity to come together and participate in international competition. We will be recruiting across North America for athletes who have excelled in hockey at the high school level to compete in the 2017 Finland Lions Cup.

The opportunity to play hockey in Finland will provide you with an experience of a lifetime.  AIST has traveled with world with athletes in more than 22 different countries in a variety of sports since 2002. We are very excited to offer ice hockey as a new opportunity for high school athletes. We have several references that you are welcome to contact if you have any questions about AIST and the opportunity we provide. We hope that you will consider joining us for our inaugural season in the summer of 2017.

AIST 2017 High School Select Teams:

AIST High School select teams are made up of players from all over the USA and Canada that have been recruited by AIST staff members or coaching professionals. Most of our selected players will go on to play at the collegiate level. We generally look for statistical leaders as well as players with good leadership and a strong desire to play at the next level. The age range of our players is between 16-18 for these opportunities. Players selected are usually recruited as current Juniors or Seniors. However, we have selected outstanding athletes as sophomores and even a few freshman. Positions are limited on each team, please contact us soon to ensure your spot on the roster is still available.

Finland Cup Ice Hockey Tour – 2017 Invitation – Tentative dates: August 5 – 14, 2017

Women’s U19 Team Head Coach – AIST has selected Carla Pentimone to be the head coach of our women’s U19 select team.  This will be the first tour for Coach Pentimone with AIST.  Carla also runs a consulting company for college recruits.  Click here for more information about her services.

Men’s Head Coach – AIST has selected Matthew Tendler from Neumann College to be the head coach of our Men’s U19 select team.  This will be the first tour for Coach Tendler with AIST.



AIST can also provide a first class team trip for any team looking to travel abroad for an experience of a lifetime. Any team looking to make a tour abroad to compete, explore, unite or have an educational experience of a lifetime please contact us for a sample tour and price quote.   Go to our group travel web site for team trip info.