AIST Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for individuals and group participants traveling with AIST.  Each passenger must agree to the terms when registering for an AIST tour.



AIST Select Team - Individuals for Select Teams

Terms and Conditions for Players

Terms and Conditions for Friends and Family

Terms and Conditions for Coaches


Team or Group Tours - Terms and Conditions

Team or Group Tour - Terms and Conditions




AIST Events - Terms and Conditions

2018 Dominican Republic Basketball Classic - Terms and Conditions

2019 Dominican Republic Lacrosse Tournament - Feb/March 2018 - Terms and Condition

2019 Dominican Republic Softball Tournament - Feb/March 2018 - Terms and Conditions

Archived Terms and Conditions

2016 Tours

2015 Tours

2001-2014 Tours



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  2. I wanted to know current the information will be coming to us about our daughter Skyler’s account. We have people waiting to donate but I know would not want their donations to go to AIST and not the student athlete. I do know about eligbility and that a player can’t be compensated for their play or they lose it but my husband and I are just putting down the $500 deposit, the meals not covered, the trip insurance will be paid by us as well. IF, and I mean if, there are any overages of donations for the trip, which you say costs $3775, could they be applied to those matters?We are on a very tight budget and these questison are important to our family.

  3. If you raise more than the cost of the tour, we are allowed to refund you the personal money you have invested. For example, if you pay the deposit out of pocket of $500, we can give you a refund for any amount raised over the cost of the tour up to $500. Any additional money would be put towards the group to upgrade the tour. Usually, we put that money towards a sightseeing package or another meal for the group.

  4. Hi! I was just curious as to how soon we will find out about the departure times to Italy. I’m aware that our tickets won’t be bought of course until we have paid enough to purchase them, but do you all buy the tickets around a certain time? Just wondering how soon I could buy my connecting flight ticket to meet the group. The earlier I buy it the cheaper it will be. Thank you:)

  5. Hi I was curious to know if we have been making payments for our trip according to the payment schedule what happens if we receive notice there aren’t enough players for the trip? Do we get out money back? And is there a way that we can check on the roster update?

  6. If we have to cancel the trip due to not enough players, yes, we will be refunding all money received. The updated roster will not be released until we can confirm a full roster. It will then be posted on your update page. We will email you when it is available.

  7. We have a package for friends and family. We highly recommend travel with our group as you can save a lot of money and trouble with trying to keep up with the group. Email us for for details.

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