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We have provided the following links to help you prepare for your upcoming tours. Please follow these links to answer questions you may have about your travel conditions and services.

Title Description Link
Weather Conditions Up to date weather status across the globe
Time The current time in all time zones
Maps Find maps of the countries you are visiting
Route Planner Check distances of your travels at
Currency Exchange Rates Get up to date exchange rates on foreign currency at
Destination Information Find out more about where you are traveling at
Visa and Passport Information All the info you will need on the passport process.
Other Travel Information
Health and Safety Get information about vaccines, health and saftey
Top 10 tips for traveling abroad Travel Tips

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*Press Release for –  Safety of our 2016 Travelers – March 28, 2016.


Obviously, the safety of our travelers going abroad is always our first priority. 

As for right now, we do not have any security or safety concerns regarding our athletes going to Europe, more specifically going to the respective destinations of your tour.  There are no current threats towards these destinations and there haven’t been any reliable threats in the past. We certainly don’t expect that to change.

There is one golden safety rule we usually use when traveling the world. Check the US government website for travel alerts, which tells you exactly what places in the world are safe to go to and what places are not.  Current travel alert:


As we all know, terrorist attacks can and unfortunately do happen anywhere in the world at any given time – Boston, Los Angeles, Paris, Brussels, Ankara, Beirut etc. All we can do is to live our lives as normal we can and be more vigilant. We must make sure we don’t give into the fear the terrorists want to instill into us, because only then they will prevail.

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