"Take a break from all the showcase craziness and travel abroad with AIST.  What a great opportunity to put the fun back in softball and explore the world!  I highly recommend that you take advantage of these opportunities to travel with AIST to represent the USA!" - Monica Abbott, Team USA

"I have traveled with AIST on four tours now both as a player and coach. Every trip has been an amazing experience playing and coaching great athletes from all over the country and competing at a high level internationally. AIST does a great job organizing these trips and I look forward to traveling with them in the future!"

Karen Shaddock - Williams College Assistant Lacrosse Coach - Munich/Prague (2), Paris/Amsterdam, UK

This is a highlight video of DePauw University Softball team in Australia 2018. 

This is a highlight video of our U19 Australia Softball tour 2017.

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