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Attention: Friends and Family members of our AIST select team membersTeam AIST

Friends and Family are always welcome to join our select team tours. The inclusions for friends and family members would be the same with exception of the uniforms and playing time of course. They will be on the bus and included in all the activities and meals the athletes are receiving. We can provide a first class tour with the group and you won’t have to worry about where to stay, how to get around or the best places to see. We will have a complete tour set up for you with a full time guide to help you get around. You’ll also have the flexibility to do your own thing if that’s what you prefer. You’ll have the option of rooming with the athlete you are traveling with or private accommodations for yourself (additional fees for private accommodations).

Important Information Regarding Friends and family Travel:

  • Accommodations – Most of our tours will be accommodated in 3 Star Superior and 4 star hotels based on European standards. Some tours are accommodated in University or Hostel accommodations (Mostly UK Tours). You will always have a private room with your friends and family with private facilities but the accommodations may be on a lower standard than you may be accustom to. You can enjoy the experience of travel with the team or we can upgrade you on the tours with these types of accommodations for a surcharge of $50 per person, per night.
  • Walking/Biking Tours – Most of our tours will have walking tours that require good fitness and mobility. If you require special assistance or do not think you are capable of keeping up with the group, please let us know in advance and we will accommodate you the best we can.
  • Airfare – AIST will have seats blocked for a limited number of people. Once those seats are gone we will no longer have the same fare or price guarantee. If you would like to book your trip with the group flight you will need to make a deposit that is non-refundable to reserve your seat. Please confirm with AIST in advance to make sure we still have seats available. You are more than welcome to book your own flights to meet the group abroad.
  • Changing your Travel Dates – Can’t make it for the whole tour? No problem, you can book your own flight to meet the team when it’s convenient for you. Please confirm with AIST that the trip is confirmed and where we will be on your arrival. We will quote you a ground package for the length of your stay.

Keep in mind that our tours are catered to the athletes and we will schedule everything around the games and tournaments as needed. We encourage the support and will do our best to make it an exciting trip for everyone involved.

Cost for Family and Friends

Room Size Chart:

Single Room  = 1 person

Double Room = 2 people (Each person has own bed – or double bed may be requested but is not guaranteed)

Triple Room = 3 people (Twin Beds or double bed with one twin may be requested but is not guaranteed)

Cost Per Passenger Joining the AIST Athlete – Group flight included with cost below:

There are discounts available for passengers joining the tour with the athletes, depending on the destination of your tour and how many people are joining the athlete.

Discount available if deposited before January 1 (per/person – For Summer Tours): $250 less than the player package as long as you are in a double or triple room. If you require a single room no discount is available and a supplement of $500 is added to your package cost (same cost as the athlete plus $500).

Special arrangements can be made for you to meet the group if you do not want to stay for the entire trip.

If you have 10 or more interested in joining you, please contact us for a special price quote for the entire group.

If you are interested in joining our group please call 816.866.0632 or email us at to confirm we have availability.

Sample Payment Schedule:

Deposit Due:  $500 – if you are flying with the group – If received before January 1 you will save $250 in a double or triple room.

7 Months prior to departure: $1000

4 Months prior to departure: $1000

2 Months prior to departure:  All balances due


Once your place is confirmed on tour we will need your deposit and the registration form below for each passenger.  We look forward to having you on tour!

Registration link:


  1. Christa Megargee
    November 24, 2017

    There will be five total, one being the player. If we get a triple room what would the cost be? Thanks so much. Christa Megargee

  2. Chad Wilkinson
    November 25, 2017

    The cost for friends and family is the same as the players as long as they are in a double or triple rooms. If a single room is required there is an additional cost. There is also a $250 discount for deposits received before Jan 1 if you are a friend or family member joining and athlete on an AIST tour.

    Please contact us if you have additional questions.

  3. Carrie Daugherty
    February 16, 2018

    What is the absolute deadline for family to decide to come. Still trying to work some things out and may possibly have one more decide to come.

  4. Chad Wilkinson
    February 19, 2018

    Just depends on the tour and availability. The cost of the tour maybe different than quoted or airline services may not be available depending on the timing of your request. Best we can do is check at the time of your interest and see what the current rates and availability would be. You can always call or email to see if there is still time to join a tour up until 2-4 weeks prior to departure.

  5. Rachel
    September 06, 2018

    if we book with the team – will I be able to use points to upgrade airfare?

  6. Chad Wilkinson
    September 06, 2018

    Hello Rachel, If you book with the team you will not be able to use points. You are welcome to book a ground package with us and book your flight on your own if you would like to use points or upgrade your seats. Do not book any flights until AIST has confirmed a complete roster.

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