The fundraising options below are only partners of AIST. You will need to contact the companies below directly to start your campaign. We are providing you with these options to help you find some of the most successful ways to make your tour possible. It is each players responsibility to make sure they stay within the NCAA guidelines. AIST is not responsible for illegal fundraising efforts.

We never want to see an athlete miss out on this experience due to financial barriers. We choose our partners very carefully and the folks at OnlineDonations are ready to help you reach out to close friends, family, and relatives to help offset the cost of your trip. As the pioneers of the online fundraising platform, they have years of experience – they know what works and what doesn’t. Players don’t sell anything, supporters don’t buy anything. Unlike many other online options, they offer full support via phone or email and will do their best to help make your dream trip a reality. Whether your efforts are part of a team campaign, or you’re an individual looking for financial support, their method of raising money is proven and effective. They’re ready to help and a campaign for your group has already been designed. Simply click on the icon below and complete the short information form. A dedicated member of their staff will contact you within 24 hours.


If you have questions about how the fund raising process works, please send an email to Byron Brewer at and he will get right back to you with the information you need.

Personalized Fundraising Letter

Download HERE


Other Fundraising Options
Here are some great at-home fundraising options!


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