The fundraising options below are only partners of AIST. You will need to contact the companies below directly to start your campaign. We are providing you with these options to help you find some of the most successful ways to make your tour possible. It is each players responsibility to make sure they stay within the NCAA guidelines. AIST is not responsible for illegal fundraising efforts.

We never want to see an athlete miss out on this experience due to financial barriers. We choose our partners very carefully and the folks at OnlineDonations are ready to help you reach out to close friends, family, and relatives to help offset the cost of your trip. As the pioneers of the online fundraising platform, they have years of experience – they know what works and what doesn’t. Players don’t sell anything, supporters don’t buy anything. Unlike many other online options, they offer full support via phone or email and will do their best to help make your dream trip a reality. Whether your efforts are part of a team campaign, or you’re an individual looking for financial support, their method of raising money is proven and effective. They’re ready to help and a campaign for your group has already been designed. Simply click on the icon below and complete the short information form. A dedicated member of their staff will contact you within 24 hours.


If you have questions about how the fund raising process works, please send an email to Byron Brewer at and he will get right back to you with the information you need.

Personalized Fundraising Letter

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Other Fundraising Options
Here are some great at-home fundraising options!



  1. Brianna DeLeon
    September 28, 2016

    Hello, my name is Brianna DeLeon. I have played softball for many years now and I would love to have the chance to play softball along side new team members in new countries and also get an exclusive look into what other cultures are like while doing so. While others may be able to pick up and leave to fulfill this opportunity, I cannot do so due to a tough fanancial situation in my household. Being that I do not live with either parent, I must work after school to cover the cost of league fees and equipment. I simply cannot make enough hours after school to cover the cost of this opportunity to play in a new country. If there is any way I could fundraise to help me have a better shot at going with AIST this summer, I would be so grateful. Thank you so much!

  2. Chad Wilkinson
    October 05, 2016

    Most of our players can’t afford the trip. It’s a big financial commitment that many players work very hard at fundraising to make the opportunity possible. We have fundraising ideas included online at

  3. Miranda Young
    November 09, 2016

    Does AIST have a form that I can give to individual organizations that make a donation from their company for a tax deduction?

  4. Chad Wilkinson
    November 09, 2016

    AIST is not a Non-profit organization. However, if companies are interested in advertising on our site we are happy to put links on our sponsor page for their donation.

  5. Tyger Phillips
    November 09, 2016

    Hello, My name is Tyger Phillips and I just received the invite today to play with AIST for softball. I would love to play, as I have been playing for 12 years and would like to grow in the sport along with building friendships. Although I do have a concern. I’m not sure if I could get $500 within the 3 weeks after the email confirmation. Also, if I bring one of my family members, how much money would it be for their total cost? And how fast have previous players been able to get donations with Go Fund Me and have the money turned in at deadline?

  6. Chad Wilkinson
    November 10, 2016

    Hello Tyger,

    We do have some flexibility with the deposit payment deadline. We will work with you the best we can to help you make the opportunity possible. Family members will have the same cost as the athlete as long as they are in a double room. There is a discount of $250 for parents if they are deposited before Jan 1. The fundraising can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. It depends on how hard you work at it. If you give your supporters a 2 week deadline that will help. Let us know if you have other questions!

  7. Sandy Ledoux
    December 02, 2016

    Hello, my name is sandy ledoux and i just receive the email to AIST and I would really want to attend but I need more info on the fundraising process. I would really want to play soccer out of the United states but financially I cannot afford it.

  8. Chad Wilkinson
    December 06, 2016

    Hello Sandy, Most of our participants run into this same problem. There are some fundraising options that are very quick and easy to do. Go to for some opportunities available. Most of our players will be able to raise 50-75% with these fundraising options.

  9. Richard Gimbert
    December 10, 2016

    I have found that folks are willing to support the athlete when they find out that the athlete will be representing the United States. We have raised a significant amount through Go Fund Me and tonight, we are holding a raffle/rally to support our daughter in the United World Games. We are still going to have significant out of pocket expenses, but we have had some measure of success. Look for ways to partner with local businesses. Try to get some airtime in the local media or newspaper. No one is going to give you anything, We have had to work our butts off for the donations/raffle sales.

  10. Chad Wilkinson
    December 15, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this! Yes, the fundraising is usually the biggest challenge. However, you can find success and make these opportunities possible with a little hard work and dedication. Every employee at AIST had to go through the same process to make these life changing experiences! Thanks again Mr. Gimbert. We look forward to having you and your family on tour!

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