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Payment Options:

Participant Notice:   If you are an AIST participant making your first payment, please make sure you have registered at  All participants including Players, Friends and Family joining an AIST tour will need to have a registration completed.  Players don't be confused, this registration is a different from your confirmed position form! 


Below are three options for you to make a payment for your AIST experience. Each tab is a separate payment option.

1. Pay by check online, or by phone.  This is a free service provided by AIST.  You can try to reach us by phone at 816.256.3828 to pay by check over the phone.  Make sure you have your checking account number and routing number available.  Just remember we are in the travel business so we are often not in the office and unable to process checks by phone.

2. Email AIST and request your invoice (Include the full name on the account)  You'll have the option to pay by bank transfer online through your invoice. 

3. Paypal - If you need to pay by credit card there is a processing fee of approximately 2.5% charged by paypal.  You will need to manually add this amount to the total you want to pay for full credit.

4. Send a wire transfer, check or Money order to our main office - Mailing address provided in the Pay by Mail tab. For wire transfers contact AIST for banking information.

eCheck On-line Payment Option: Pay on-line from your checking account

If you would like to pay by check online, please fill out the form below and we will process the payment.  Please note, if you are using a Yahoo email account we will not receive a notification that your payment has been made.  Please email us directly to or contact us by phone to confirm your echeck payment form as been submitted.

Please Note: If you enter the incorrect payment details, there will be a bank service fee of $20 added to your invoice. Please make sure you are paying from a checking account with a routing number and account number that are active and working.

eCheck Payment Option

By using the form below AIST can process your echeck payments for free. AIST will cover the processing for bank transfers using this form or you can contact us by phone to make the payment. If you wish to make the payment from your checking account please have your check routing number and account number available. Contact Chad Wilkinson at 816.256.3828 if you have any questions regarding your account.
  • Provide your email to receive confirmation of payment.

    If you are using AOL or YAHOO email accounts to make this payment, please send an email after you complete your payment. We are experiencing issues with these two email accounts with our notification system. Email to confirm you have sent a payment to AIST. Thank you.
  • Phone number of person making the payment that is associated with the bank account.
  • Please enter the name of the participant receiving the payment. All payments are going to AIST but we need to know who the payment is for so we can apply it to the correct account.
  • Please provide the name of the group or team you are traveling with. You can also provide the destination and sport to help us locate the participant and apply the payment.
  • Please use the following format to enter the USD amount you would like to pay. Example: $1,000.00
  • Please make sure to enter the correct information. Returned e-checks will be charged a $20 service fee by the bank. The routing number should be the first 9 digit number on the bottom of your check.
  • Reminder to Register

    If this is your initial deposit payment, please remember we must have your participant registration. Go to once you complete your payment so we can set up your account.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Payment by Credit card with PayPal

You have the option of paying on your account online with PayPal. No PayPal account is required for credit card payments. Once you click the pay now button you will have the option to enter any amount you wish to pay. A processing fee of approximately 2.5% is automatically added to your payment. If you have any questions about your payment please contact us at 816.256.3828 or email us. We encourage you to use an alternate method to avoid the processing of PayPal payments.

Who is this payment for?

Please note: There is a 2.5% processing fee for credit card payments. This fee has been added to your card to insure you receive full credit for your payment. This is an approximate amount that will go to PayPal for processing. With your online payment you agree to the 2.5% surcharge for processing. If you do not wish to pay the surcharge fee you may pay us by Check, Cash, Cashier's Check or money order. If there is an overage paid you will be eligible for a refund or you can donate the additional amounts to the tour for upgrades such as additional meals.  Additional fees may apply for American Express. Payments made from banks outside the USA such as Canada may have a higher processing fee for credit card payments.  Please check current rates to ensure your payment is processed in full.

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Payment by Mail

If you would like to mail a check, money order, cashier's check or other payment please send to the address below. We would like to encourage you to pay online with our eCheck option. The address below can also be used for overnight shipping.

Make Checks Payable to AIST and send to:
18212 East 50th Terr. Ct. South
Independence, MO 64055


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  4. You do not get a reference number until you have sent in your first payment and we have set up your account. You can just use the participants name as a reference. We link online payments with email addresses. So please make sure to fill out the registration forms prior to sending in your deposit. Thank you.

  5. How much is the and when do I know my child has been selected before I pay registration and other fees

  6. The deposit for most tours is $500 non-refundable. Make sure everything works out for you before you confirm and pay the deposit. If your child has been selected then you will need to confirm their position by filling out the form in the invitation link sent to you. You will receive an email with further instructions and confirmation of the position once the form is received. You’ll have 12-14 days to make a deposit and register as a player if you would like to accept the position on the roster. If you need more time you can always contact us to request an extension. We are tryin to fill the roster by position so we have deadlines set for each player we confirm. The roster sizes are kept small so everyone will get a good amount of playing time.

  7. The restaurant Nandos, is willing to do a fundraiser for me. But they’re asking for a Tax ID? Could you guys give me that, so they could send you a check. Because the check will go to the AIST Organization not me.

  8. Hello. This is the first time my daughter will attending this event. I’m not sure how it works and what I need to do. Is the $75 registration fee to attend?

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